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How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaner

When you decorate your interior floor with carpets, you should responsible to take care for keeping clean the carpets from dust, pet's fur, food spilling and other source. For this reason you will need to rent a steam carpet cleaner occasionaly or have someone to clean your carpets, or buy your own best carpet cleaner, if you want to keep carpeting looking good and odor free.

The accumulation of dirt, grime and pet stains will cause a bad smell to emit from your carpet, and will effect to the air inside your house, become far from fresh nuance. And stains that linger around for awhile, will set and be more difficult to remove. While renting a steam carpet cleaner does save on storage space, steam cleaning machine rental fees can add up quickly and after a few rentals, you could have bought your own carpet cleaning machine and be enjoying the convenience that brings.

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to the difference between a vacuum and a carpet cleaner. Even retailers often incorrectly include carpet cleaners in vacuum categories, but these two floor care appliances are not the same type of cleaning machine. While both will clean your carpet - a vacuum removes dust, dirt by dry suction; a carpet cleaner sprays hot water and solution on the carpet, scrubs and then removes the dirty water and solution. A vacuum will not remove stains; that's a job for a best carpet cleaner.

A carpet cleaner, also called a steam carpet cleaner or carpet steamer, is sometimes also confused with other types of steam cleaners, as well as steam mops and hard floor steam cleaners. This article deals with (home) carpet cleaners and not general steam cleaners. In other words, these tips apply to machines designed for home use, to clean rugs and carpets.

Important Carpet Cleaner Features
Before buying one best carpet cleaner, you should know well about the important features which should available on the steam carpet cleaner. Today's carpet cleaners are more user-friendly and easier to handle with on-board water tanks and tools.

And while earlier carpet cleaner models used the word 'steam' in their title, it was mostly to emphasise that the cleaner used hot water to clean; it's not likely that steam is generated even with most of today's models. Creating steam would require achieving higher water temperatures and though some models have on-board water heaters, many models are called steam carpet cleaner.

A carpet cleaner with an on-board water heater does keep the water hot, which helps to dissolve the cleaning solution and usually does a better job of cleaning carpets.

As for size, carpet cleaners are generally slightly bigger than an upright vacuum, but often just as easy to handle. While features vary with different brands, these are the best features.

- Dual water tanks or separation of clean and dirty water
- On-board water heater
- Portability - non-bulky design (upright)
- Spray trigger - to regulate how much water/solution is used
- At least two rotating floor brushes (upright models)
- Light (upright)

Source: About.com

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